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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Types of Trips Do You Offer?
    Dreamy Tropical Travel offers destinations across the world. Our experiences vary from luxurious resorts on a balmy island, fun cruises docking at multiple countries with adventurous activities, to immersive and enlightening cultural tours. We serve solo travelers, families, groups, honeymoons, and more! In addition to our independent travelers, we also host group trips! We are constantly researching to discover new, exciting, and authentic destinations, so check back regularly to see new trips we have launched!
  • Why Should I Work With You?
    With Dreamy Tropical Travel, you can expect a fully-customizable, luxurious experience with excellent customer service. Our booking services includes: - 4 or 5 star hotel accommodations and resorts. - Itinerary designed based on your desired activity level. Most of our land tours will include vouchers for transportation and attractions, so you decide when you visit your selected attractions! - Kid-friendly accommodations for our traveling families. - Local tours, hotel & airport transfers, drivers, and more. This allows you to : - Save time by not having to handle planning the trip on your own. - Maximize your travel experience by fully understanding your options for dining, on-shore excursions, land tours, entertainment, boarding accommodations, staterooms, and more. - Have a travel professional to provide travel updates, reminders, 'need to knows', and more so that you can truly enjoy your trip.
  • How Does Dreamy Tropical Travel Work; What Can I Expect When I Book a Trip?
    Independent Trips (FIT) One of our missions is to make sure that no two bookings are ever exactly the same! Your trip should be customized to fit your tastes, preferences, dreams, and desires. To this end, we engage in a process to tailor-make your vacation to ensure that your trip is truly memorable. Step 1: Book a complimentary 15-minute 'Discovery Call' so that we can learn more about your dream trip and discuss how we can assist. Step 2: Hosted Group Trips---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Step 1: Once you register for one of our trips, you will receive a call from the Trip Coordinator to discuss the details of the trip, answer any questions, and submit your deposit. Once you submit your deposit you are officially booked and will receive a confirmation email containing your trip details! Step 2: We will conduct a pre-trip virtual meeting to provide information which will help you prepare for the trip. You will also receive a series of emails leading up to your trip providing helpful information, important remainders, and to just build your excitement! Step 3: Four to five weeks before your departure and when all balances are paid in full, you will receive your Dreamy Tropical Travel t-shirt and travel documents in the mail containing the following: - a deluxe Travel Document holder, - Activity Schedule - Rail Tickets (if applicable) - Country Fact Sheet - Emergency Contact - One Luggage Tag per person - City Cards/Metro cards (if applicable) - Travel protection Information (if applicable) - Guidebooks (if applicable) - Vouchers (if applicable) Step 4: Once you arrive at your destination you will be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel. From there you will enjoy your trip! At the end, you will also be transferred from your hotel back to the airport.
  • Do You Offer Payment Arrangements?
    To reserve our spot on the trip you must submit your deposit which ranges from $200.00-$350.00 depending on the destination. After your deposit is submitted, you are able to make installment payments; however trips must be paid in full 80 days prior to your departure date.
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