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Exploring Dakar, Senegal

Dakar, Senegal

Senegalese -American Issa Rae of ‘Insecure’

I found that every time I asked permission the answer tended to be no, so I had to make my own yeses.” Issa Rae

Attractions in Dakar, Senegal

1. Lac Rose (Pink Sea)

North of Cap Vert, Peninsula, Senegal

This lake is located north of the Cap Vert Peninsula, near Darkar, Senegal. The unique pink color is caused by a bacteria that produces color in order to absorb the sun. Due to the high salt content, not many organisms can survive in the lake. Therefore, the lake is mainly used as a tourist attraction and for salt production. The best time of year to see the pink lake is during the dry season, from November to June, when the color is most visible.

2. Goree Island

Goree Island, Senegal

One of the earliest sites of European settlements in West Africa, this site serves as an excellent tourist attraction. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the island is home to many museams and other historical artifacts.

3. African Renaissance Monument

Dakar, Senegal

Known as the tallest statute in Africa, this monument was formally dedicated on April 4, 2010, 2010 to commiserate Senegal’s 50th year independence from France. After the idea for the monument was presented by President Abdoualye Wade, the site was designed by Senegal’s own Pierre Goudiaby and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.

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