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Reasons Why We Have a Soft Spot for Accra, Ghana

Over the past couple of years I am sure that you have been bombarded with all kinds of information about Ghana and how it has become a hot tourist destination. So, you may be wondering whether it’s capital city, Accra. has actually lived up to all of the hype. With the Year of Return attracting the likes of Cardi B and Steve Harvey, it seems as if Ghana has been on every travel lover’s radar recently. So it begs the question, what makes Accra so special, anyway? Here are our top 5 reasons:

#5. Eating Experiences

As the largest city in the country of Ghana, Accra boasts a delectable variety of food choices, ranging from traditional, street food, to dine-in cuisine. If you become a bit munchy while waiting in traffic, look no further and outside of your car window for a delicious snack of warm and lightly salted plantain chips. Or, if you have worked up an appetite after shopping at the Accra Mall, there are no shortages of dining options ranging from familiar fast-food chains like Burger King and KFC, to ice cream and frozen yogurt restaurants. Dine-in restaurants have taken a unique spin, places like ‘Lord of the Wings’ offer a fun and family-friendly atmosphere serving up familiar favorites such as pizza, and hamburger with fries.

#4. Tropical Weather

If you are a lover of balmy, tropical weather, Ghana is certainly the place for you. Like most West-African countries, Ghana also experiences a Harmatton/ dry season from around February to April. During this time the air looses its humidity and blows in dry, dusty wind from the deserts. Early mornings may call for a light jacket, and its not unusual to see locals donning turned-up collars and knitted caps. As the sun comes out, the heat turns up and brings with it that much needed tropical temperature.

#3. Authentic Markets

With all of the bustling city life that Accra has to offer, it still maintains it’s feel for an authentic market experience when one desires such. To call Makola Market busy would be quite the understatement; there are innumerable shops within the actual market building which is conveniently located next to a parking garage. The shops located within the building sell everything from kitchen wares to decorative fabrics. But, in my humble opinion, the real spirit of the market is found when you step outside of the building. This is where you can find tables set up with unique, home-made items; vendors calling for you to take a look at their art work, shoes made for long-distance walking, and everything in between.

#2. Beaches

Coming from the U.S., you may show up to the beach with the expectation for it to be crowded with umbrellas, ice chests containing cool drinks, and sun-bathers. So, it is by no surprise that Accra’s beaches made the list of one of the most admirable things about the city. While there are places such as Labadi Pleasure Beach that can become crowded during concerts or other events, many beaches are pretty solitary and quiet, a place where one can quietly take in the scenery.

#1. Culture

Akwabba! Intentionally left as number one on the list would be Ghanaian culture. Although Accra has become quite the tourist attraction, it has brilliantly maintained it’s culture and it is woven into everyday life. People continue to greet one another with an emphatic ‘eti sen?’, you can find women wearing dresses made from colorful Ghanaian fabric, and the famous Ghanaian hospitality can be found wherever you turn.

While we love all 54 African countries, Accra, Ghana certainly holds a special place in our hearts!

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