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Top 5 Travel Tips for Visiting Dubai

Dubai can be described as a city of contradictions. There's the glittering cityscape, with buildings that defy conception; the modern array of boutiques and cafes, with everything a tourist could want; and the opulent hotels, ready to welcome even the most discerning traveler in style and excess.

Then there's the desert, with its rolling hills of sand imprinted with Arabian oryx and gazelles' tracks; the souks, with its labyrinth of stalls, bins overflowing with a rainbow of spices, the aroma filling the air; and the classic abra boats ferrying riders across the Dubai Creek.

Today, Dubai can be both fast and slow—a place to sip on a hot cup of tea, relax on the beach,  enjoy a desert conservation reserve, and a place to shop 'til you drop or to party the night away all in the same day.

These contrasts make the city  lively and exciting , as well as a lot of fun to explore.

Let's explore our Top 5 Tips for traveling to Dubai:

1. Take Time to Consider the Date of Your Trip

Before selecting on a date to visit Dubai, a number of variables must be taken into account. The weather in Dubai is one of the few things that isn't ideal. Summer in Dubai lasts from May to September, and the temperature is exceptionally hot. Winter brings nicer weather, but it also brings a significant increase in visitor traffic. If you must visit Dubai during a specific month, February and November are the ideal months to do it. It should be emphasized, however, that Dubai is never wholly bereft of visitors.

2. Leave Plenty of Time on Your Arrival and Departure Days

Dubai International Airport is enormous in every sense of the word. Getting from one end of the airport to the other will take a long time. Do not arrange any activities for the first few hours after you arrive. Also, arrive at the airport far ahead of time to catch your flight.

3. Prepare Yourself to Experience More at the Dubai Mall

While most malls are known for being places to eat and shop, Dubai's malls go well beyond this stereotype. Most malls feature entertaining attractions such as gaming zones, ski slopes, aquariums, or something else worth staying for. Furthermore, you are mistaken if you believe that shopping in a Dubai mall is a routine experience.

4. Dubai is not made for Walking

Those who enjoy walking around a city will be disappointed because this is one city that is best explored by car. For starters, the heat is intense, and the city was not built with pedestrians in mind. While it is pedestrian-friendly, it is unlikely that you will feel secure walking on a pathway flanked by cars speeding past at 120 km/h. The malls, which compensate for the absence of pathways, are the only locations you'll feel safe and comfortable walking!

5. The Nightlife is AMAZING!

While most people are wary of Dubai's nightlife, you should know that it is alive and exciting, with a diverse selection of pubs, nightclubs, and restaurants in which to relax and party. Parties in Dubai often last until 3 a.m., so put your best heels on and party the night away. In Dubai, yacht cruises are a popular method to drink, dine, and party, and are a popular extravagance among locals.


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