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Visiting Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria

“Become familiar with your home, but know also about your neighbors. The young man who never went anywhere thinks his mother is the greatest cook.” Chinua Achebe

Boasting the largest population per square foot in the entire continent, Nigeria has much to offer travel-goers in terms of experiences, food, and culture. This blog will primarily focus on the city of Lagos, located along the coast of Nigeria.

1. Nike Art Gallery

Nike Art Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria

A five-floor art gallery that some call one of the largest in West Africa, the Nike Art Gallery is owned by Nike Okundaye and located in Lekki, Lagos. This gallery is home to over 8,000 pieces of art from across Nigeria.

2. Elegushi Beach

Elegushi Beach, Lagos Nigeria

This private beach is located at Lekki, within Lagos State. Some of the activities usually available are horse-back riding, beach volleyball, and flying kites. Payment to enter the beach is accepted at the entrance.

3. Freedom Park

Freedom Park, Lagos, Nigeria

Once a colonial-age prison, Freedom Park has evolved into a cultural hot-spot for education, art, film, music, and festivals.

Have you visited any of these attractions? Let us know what your experience was like!

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